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My Bio

Ny name is Esmeralda and I live in Holland, "the Netherlands"
I have one daughter and a lovely grandsom. And live together with my boyfriend Wim.

I first start line dancing 13 years ago, when I was asked by my parents to come with them to line dance class.
I was a little uncertain and my reply was “I don thinks it’s something for me”.
I went to class, starting with no dance experience at all but, i liked it very much, the rest is history an
I’m  very passionate about my dancing.

I spent a couple of years at different classes and then start my own class 7 years ago.
I have variety of hobbies and before I started line dancing, I participated in fight sports. Aikido and Samurai Sword.
But after a heavy car accident, I cant do my fight sports anymore… That’s the reason I start dancing.
I'm proud of the people from my class, because whitout them, I don't have a great time to teach.
And the linedance world gived me already so much. Been to different places in the world, and I'm so thankfull for that. Never thought I would
get so many chances to see the world and to meet so much people.
Also I’m doing Urban Exploring,  visiting abandoned places which are forbidden, It could be old hospitals, metro stations, old mines etc etc.
This all for  photography and capture images of the places we visit.
I busy with something else, but will tell you what it is later, when I have my licenses for this.
But this all was not impossible without my friend Wim, he leaves me free to do what I want, and to enjoy life….

Hopefully I will see you somewhere on the dancefloor.

Much of love

Esmeralda van de Pol - info@esmeralda-dancers.com - 0031-638263580
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