Dances 2017 - Esmeralda Dancers

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3 Rules
Guillaume Richard & Paul Snooke

Beautiful Wonderful
Debbie Rushton & Tofte Anderson

Allison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot

Havana Cha
Ria Vos

Hurts Like A cha cha
Fred Whitehouse, Simon Ward & Daniel Trepat

Doing The Walk
Pim van Grootel, Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk

Jef Camps & Esmeralda vd Pol

Watch The Tempo
Joey Warren, Guillaume Richard, Fred Whitehouse, Shane McKeever & Gemma Ridyard

Esmeralda vd Pol

What I Miss Most
Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly

Power Mix
Maddison Glover

Fred Whitehouse

Capital Letters
Esmeralda vd Pol

Just a Game
Robbie McGowan Hickie & Suzi Beau

Let Me Go
Remi Lemaire

Funk The Preacher Man
Gary O'Reilly

Don't Stay For Me
Fred Whitehouse, Jose Miguel & Jean Pierre Madge

Dunk It
Dee Musk, Kate Sala & Niels Poulsen

Stars In The Night Sky
Paul James

Maddison Glover

She's Like The Wind
Esmeralda vd Pol

Echame La Culpa
Roy Verdonk & Jeffke Camps

Never Tear Us Apart
Esmeralda vd Pol

Drunk On Love ( Older Recap)
Niels Poulsen

Is That For Me
Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

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