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Walking Backwards
Robbie McGowan Hickie

32 tellen, 4 wall Beg

Wanna Be Me
Ed Lawton

32 counts, 4 wall Int

Watch Me Now!
Max Perry, Kathy Hunyadi, Barry & Dari Anne Amato

0 counts, 4 wall Int

Wave On Wave
Alan Birchall

32 counts, 2 wall Int

We´re Alive
Maters In Line

48 counts, 4 wall Level Int

Chris Hodgson

48 counts, 2 wall Level Int

Where We´ve Been
Lana Harvey Wilson

32 counts, 4 wall Int

Whirlwind Waltz
Rob Fowler

48 counts, 4 wall Int

Who Did You Call Darlin
Kevin Smith & Maria Fletcher

64 counts, 4 wall Int

Whole Again
Sue Johnstone

32 counts, 2 wall Beg

Will You Love Me
Martin Ritchie

32 counts, 4 wall Int

Wishful Thinking
Jim O´Neill

48 counts, 4 wall Beg

With These Eyes
Darren Bailey & Niels Poulsen

32 counts, 2 wall Nov

Work In Progress
Ed Lawton

48 counts, 2 wall Nov

Rob Fowler & Down Sherlock

64 counts, 4 wall Int

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